Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Imagineer Systems mocha news: tutorials, training, case studies & more

Imagineer Systems mocha news bites for July.

Case study

Identity FX and Green Lantern
"What people don't realize is, it's most often the simplest of scenes thatare the most complex to recreate in 3D space. In Green Lantern, recreating the kitchen scene was much more difficult than the action shots because the challenge wasn't to make things pop out of the screen, but to create a truly immersive experience, like the viewer is in the kitchen. mocha is huge component of what we do on shots like this." - Leo Vezzali, Identity FXread more

New video tutorial

Face tracking & mochaImport from MamoWorld
In this tutorial, Mathias Moehl shows how he used mocha for face tracking and his After Effects script mochaImport to assist in this "monster-face" distortion technique. If you have never watched Mathias' tutorials, they are well done and offer useful tips, tricks and a bit of political humor. Make sure to visit MamoWorld for more tutorials and information on Mathias' excellent AE scripts.

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New course from CGS Workshops Rotoscoping with mocha taught by Steve Wright
Computer Graphics Society invites you to join Steve Wright, senior visual effects compositor and master trainer for a 4 week course on rotoscoping with mocha. Beyond how to rotoscope and track, students will also learn core rotoscoping skills that can be ported to any rotoscoping program - keyframing strategies, shape breakdowns, how to inspect your own roto work, and much more.  Starts August 8, 2011.learn more