Friday, July 8, 2011

Autodesk Smoke: Conforming Timelines from Adobe Premiere Pro

Grant Kay put up an excellent video showing the workflow from Adobe Premiere to Smoke on his blog located at The Area.  You can go to his blog to see other videos about smoke here.

Below is an excerpt:

Adobe Premiere Pro has a variety of options for exporting media and metadata such as EDLs, AAFs and XMLs. But which one would you use with Autodesk Smoke?

While EDLs will give you an edit with tape-names and timecode, using an AAFs will give you all that plus the ability to link to the same media you’ve already been working with in Premiere.

Check out this video for the workflow!

It is very simple and easy to export an AAF and conform it in Autodesk Smoke.

Please check the on-line Wiki database to see what is supported when conforming an Adobe Premiere Pro AAF in Autodesk Smoke. To my knowledge you should be able to look at the Avid AAF Conforming notes on the Autodesk Wiki that will tell you which features are supported when conforming from AAF.

And just so you’ll have them all in one place, here are links to my previous blogs showing conform in Smoke from Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid Media Composer. Remember, no matter what application you’re using to edit, if it exports an EDL, XML or AAF, you can conform it in Smoke.

Coming very soon… A new videos series giving a high level overview of Smoke for Final Cut Pro 7 editors presented by myself and Final Cut Pro Editor, Rick Young (

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