Thursday, February 26, 2015

Aja Ki Pro Rack Firmware Update

Ki Pro Rack v5.0 firmware is now available. Along with several improvements and
fixes, this update adds the much-anticipated rollover recording functionality.
Rollover recording allows a recording to start on one media module and
seamlessly continue onto the second module once the first has reached capacity.

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Realflow 2015 Sneak Peek

Check out the videos below to see the awesome new features in RealFlow 2015 with
this Sneak Peek. See the new Spline Curves, Robust Method, Crown Daemon and
watch spread sheets control over 84 Million Hybrido particles.

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Made With Marmalade - No Need for Native App Development

Made with Marmalade
Motion Media is now the only reseller in the United States for native app
development software Marmalade. The Marmalade SDK enables developers to deploy
code across multiple platforms and devices from a single code base in C++, Lua,
HTML or Objective-C.  Learn More

Here's snippets from a recent article from Developer, highlighting apps made
with Marmalade benefits:

In [...]

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Tweak Software and Shotgun Join Forces at Autodesk

Tweak Software & Shotgun are coming together at Autodesk to form one powerful
review/collaboration solution. See the below press release from the guys at
Tweak Software, and also what Shotgun had to say about it. This is exciting

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