Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Free Cinema 4D & Bodypaint 3D Updates Released

Maxon released a new software update for all users or Cinema 4D R12 and Bodypaint 3D R12 that can be downloaded directly via the Online Updater, or on the Maxon Website.  Here are some of the major fixes in this update.

These are the major improvements:

  • Image size for rendering increased to 128k x 128k pixels (64-bit only)
  • Image size for textures increased to 128k x 128k pixels (64-bit only)
  • Alpha-mapped objects now supported in Multi-Pass Depth, UVW and Normal channel
  • Axis Gizmo now properly supports world orientation
  • Support of Photoshop Big file format (PSB)
  • Preference Settings re-introduced (ctrl+click on Mac, Insert At, Paste At, Create New Object in View Center)
  • Output Color Profile can be chosen for Bake Texture
  • Improved Missing Textures dialog
  • Camera shader now supports film offset
  • Additional Python methods (CAPoseMorphTag, GetRelMin)
  • Vectorworks 2011 Support

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Webinar: Camera Tracking with 3ds Max & SynthEyes

Motion Media Presents "Camera Tracking with SynthEyes & 3ds Max".
This tutorial is based on the opening sequence of a just released
snowboard video called Cheers, and will be presented by the Animation
Director and Supervisor, Dean Fowler.

See the camera tracking
process on a working production, from the inside. See how Dean worked
with the Director of Photography to create a shot and camera match that
looks realistic and unique.

In this tutorial you will see:

    * Setting up the shot for a Camera Track
    * Tracking using SynthEyes
    * Incorporating a 3d Model into the shot
    * Realistic Lighting and Rendering
    * Animation - (Post Production)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Real Cities Real Fast - Create Urban Environments in Minutes

Learn How to Create Real Cities Real Fast with CityScape Pro from PixelActive.

Motion Media has teamed up with PixelActive to bring you a live webinar designed to show you just what you can accomplish with CityScape and to show you how easy it is to use. You can literally sit down and have a city built within minutes. For more information about CityScape Pro, see below, or check out

What you will see:

    • Shape and Layer Terrain

    • Create Complex Road Networks with Overpasses and Roundabouts

    • Creating Lakes, Rivers and Other Bodies of Water

    • Import and Place Custom Props

    • Texture Terrain in a Variety of Ways

    • Controlling Weather & Time of Day in Your City

    • Simulating Traffic in Your City

    • Simulating Driving or Flying in Your City

      The Details
      When: Thursday October 28th, 1pm.
      Where: Online - Register Here
      Who Should Attend: Architects, City Planners, Game Developers, Animators, Designers, Construction Developers.

      What exactly is CityScape Pro?
      CityScape was created to reduce the tedious, labor intensive process of building and modifying urban environments, empowering the interactive world builders of tomorrow.

      CityScape Pro enables small teams to create and distribute large-scale digital city models, so clients and coworkers can better visualize design ideas and concepts. Maximize existing software and data resources by combining geospatial and CAD data, custom models, and PixelActive’s proprietary parametric modeling and Active Adjustment technologies. Export your terrain to a variety of industry standard file formats or distribute your terrain with the free CityScape Viewer. Experience the joy of building cities today with PixelActive CityScape Pro.

      Tuesday, October 12, 2010

      10 Simple yet Elegant Vray Renderings

      I was looking through some images that our resident 3ds Max guy had rendered out on his website, and I thought I would put together a post of some of my favorite Vray rendered images. Enjoy!

      Monday, October 11, 2010

      Newtek shares the latest information on LightWave 10

      LightWave 10 is the first release of LightWave 3D® to integrate NewTek’s CORE technology with enhanced Modeler and Layout. The three elements work in unison to give you the workflow and functionality you’re familiar with, along with the interactive power of the innovative CORE technologies. LightWave’s speed, flexibility, value and control are the benefits you count on and LightWave 10 delivers all that and more.

      NewTek has released a Video showing off the awesome tools coming in LightWave 10.


      Tuesday, October 5, 2010

      Sample CDS Tools in Maya Subscription Pack

      Craft Animations Provides Sample CDS Tools to Users of the Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk Maya 2011

      Free Select Camera and Vehicle Simulation Tools Enhance Production Quality and Efficiency; CDS Upgraded to Include Maya OS X, 64-bit Compatibility

      Craft Animations™ announces the integration of select Craft Director Studio™ (CDS) tools within the Subscription Advantage Pack for Autodesk® Maya® 2011, currently available to customers on Autodesk Subscription at

      View Autodesk's short tutorial on the tools included in the Subscription Advantage Pack for Maya 2011

      CDS is based on cutting-edge research in autonomous control systems, and provides interactive control and simulation of cameras and vehicles which helps to significantly reduce animation production times. The free CDS sample bundle for Maya 2011 includes:
      Craft Animations offers over 20 additional animation tools and six Specialty Edition bundles ideal for 3D animators and visual effects artists, game developers, forensic specialists, CAD professionals, and architectural designers. All tools are compatible with the Maya OS X 64-bit operating system.