Monday, June 27, 2011

Reprogramming your New or Existing V-Ray Dongle

The V-Ray licensing system is not an automated setup.

There are some steps required to obtain your license,  before V-Ray can render out those beautiful images.

You should have already received your Chaos Group account login information and hardware lock (Dongle) from your Motion Media account representative.
Download your V-Ray version for either 3ds Max, or  Maya.
Install the software and also the WibuKey drivers.
Right then lets head over to the V-Ray licensing video for the complete steps.

Once complete you will receive a file with the extension *.RTU within 24 hours.
Unzip the *.RTU file to your desktop.

Close the V-Ray licensing service,  if it is running. You can do this either by right-clicking
the V-Ray license service icon in the Task Bar and selecting Exit,  or if it is running as a
service - from the Control panel > Administrative tools > Services applet.
Double click the *.RTU file to reprogram the V-Ray dongle, and restart the V-Ray service.

Ready set Render!