Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Foundry MARI 1.3v2 introduces NUKEMARI Bridge!

The Foundry
builds a bridge between NUKE Compositing and MARI Paint

MARI 1.3v2 delivers a focused workflow to provide NUKE artists with MARI's dedicated 3D paint tools, making digital environment and projection work more efficient and final composited scenes more believable.

What is it?

NUKE <> MARI bridge allows compositing artists to directly address common and time-consuming challenges faced when using 3D projection techniques to build digital environments:

  • Manage reference photography and paint seamless 3D projections.

  • Easily fix warping and stretching artifacts.

  • In-paint holes and occluded areas, often exposed from adjusted camera views.

  • Remove unwanted markers and scene objects.

  • Build invisible set-extensions.

Simple to setup, quick and easy to use - models, projections and images are sent from NUKE to MARI and back in a single step, or over a network when artists need to collaborate, share skills or save time.

Seamless results, intuitive painting.

Follow the link for detailed information