Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Demo Version of thinkingParticles R4 from Cebas

Cebas is proud to release its new thinkingParticles R4 Demo Version. We have tried to make the thinkingParticles Demo experience as close to the full version as possible. However, as you know, there have to be some restrictions in a Demo Version which are usually time restrictions. As thinkingParticles is a vast and very powerful application, 30 days may not be adequate to evaluate and learn.

We choose instead, to limit only a few of the features that allow you to work with thinkingParticles, for as long as you like.  Find below a list of features that are restricted in this Demo Version of thinkingParticles.  These features are mostly production environment and rendering restrictions; we hope that they will not affect your learning and ability to experience the full power of thinkingParticles.

Restrictions in this demo version:

  • 3ds Max 2011 Support, only

  • Particles can't be rendered

  • Meshes are not created except for view port display

  • Materials are not supported for rendering output

  • Particle caching is not available in the Demo Version

  • Physics Simulation caching is not supported

  • thinkingParticles Scenes can't be saved

  • Black Boxes can't be saved

  • 3rd Party Plug-In Support is not available in the Demo

  • Particles can't be exported

  • External Particle is not available (Mesher/Snapshot)

  • NVIDIA PhysX is not available in the demo version

  • TD-Tool support for creating TP Particle Systems is not available

Demo Registration

thinkingParticles Demo Version must be registered through an online process before it can be used. When thinkingParticles is used for the first time, it asks for a registration code. This code can be acquired through the online registration process that is initiated by the Demo registration dialog.  We only ask a few bits of information in order to register and use thinkingParticles Demo. As soon as you fill in the data and submit the page, you will receive, via email, an unlock code for your Demo Version. This code is specific to your system and can not be passed on or transferred.

Manual Registration Process

If your 3ds Max workstation is not connected to the internet, you may also choose to manually request a demo. When you press the request button from the demo request dialog, a browser window will open with a specific URL.

  • Copy this URL and save it to a text file.

  • Next, copy this text file to a PC with internet access.

  • On the PC with internet access, copy and paste the URL to an internet browser and perform the registration process.

To download the demo version you have to be logged into our web-portal first,  follow this link after you logged in: ThinkingParticles 4.0 Demo version.

Or choose from the Downloads Menu at www.cebas.com the menu entry "Demo Versions"