Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aja Ki Pro Firmware Update

AJA Reseller Bulletin: Ki Pro 1.1.1 Firmware Now Available!
The following features and improvements are implemented with version 1.1.1 firmware:

  • Addresses a loss of audio issue experienced by a small portion of users after they updated to firmware version

  • CONFIG parameter 1.3, 1080p Playback has been added to the web browser user interface for parity with the Ki Pro front panel control

  • The Ki Pro front panel control would not maintain the user entry for the 802.11 password; it now operates as expected and allows manual entry of the password

  • The Apple Final Cut Pro Media Manager (v7.0.2 or later) works as expected with Ki Pro generated files

  • Timestamping of clips has been changed so that there is no mis-ordering of clips on the storage module for later sequential playback

Download Ki Pro v1.1.1 here