Friday, March 12, 2010

AJA Kona goes cross-platform

As of March 15, 2010, the XENA product line will be merged with the award winning KONA line, to supply both PC and Mac users with a single set of cross-platform solutions. XENA and KONA have long used the same industry-leading hardware with tailored software unique to each platform. To add value for customers, we will be packaging each KONA card with both Mac and PC software, so they can be used on either platform or both. The hardware and software are the same--only the name and package have been changed to give customers twice the software and ease-of-use on all platforms. This new naming will allow you to more easily carry inventory for any need while at the same time simplifying your marketing and sales efforts. The successful introduction of Io Express as a cross-platform solution, under one product name, reflects the ease and simplicity we hope to achieve with a unified cross-platform KONA.

Timeframe: AJA will stop selling XENA-branded products on March 15, 2010. At that time KONA products will be shipped and marketed by AJA as cross-platform PC & Mac solutions.

XENA to KONA Windows Transition
Questions and Answers

1. I have a XENA, what model KONA card software will I need to be downloading now?

Each KONA card has a set of web pages at - when you go to a KONA page you'll find new navigational tabs for “KONA for PC” and “KONA for Mac”. Simply go to the area that relates to your card. If you're a XENA owner, your card is now a KONA card as shown in the table below:

  • XENA 2Ke is KONA 3

  • XENA 2K is KONA 3x

  • XENA LHi is KONA LHi

  • XENA LHe is KONA LHe


  • XENA LSe is KONA LSe


  • XENA HS is now End-of-life (EOL)

2. Does AJA Machina software go away and will I be using a Windows version of the Mac AJA Control Panel?

No, Machina continues to be AJA's stand-alone software application for ingesting, previewing and playing back media on KONA for PC, just like it was when the cards were named XENAif you're used to using XENA, you'll see no change in operation or featuresonly name changes.

3. Does this change mean that I am now restricted to just the Mac?

No, the purpose of this change was to ensure that all customers get a multi-platform solution, without any extra-cost, and to make it as easy as possible to use our card on eitheror bothplatforms. Every KONA will now come with both Mac and PC software and documentation.

4. Can I use the same card on both platforms then?

Yes, absolutely. Everything you need is in the box; for simplicity there is one CD for Mac use and another for PC useyou only install the software for the platform(s) you use. You should also check our website to ensure you have the very latest drivers and software.

5. If I have an Apple Mac Pro tower, does this mean that I can install the Mac software under OSX and the PC software under Bootcamp on the same machine?

Yes, any of the supported Windows OS installations will run natively on a Mac Pro using Boot Camp and work with KONA for PC software, just as on dedicated PC towers. Prior to use, please read about Boot Camp and its installation and requirements on the Apple website here

6. What versions of Windows can I use?

KONA for PC software is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, with the same system specifications that have been published for XENA.