Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Improve Efficiency with Nuke Mari Bridge

Join us for this Free webcast on September 8 at 1pm PST and learn how you can integrate Mari into your Nuke workflow to save time and frustration with 3D Projections and painting. Learn how the Nuke <> Mari Bridge uses a quick and simple method for exchanging files between Nuke and Mari and how you can increase your productivity by using it.

What Is It?

The NUKE <> MARI Bridge delivers a focused workflow to provide NUKE artists with MARI's dedicated 3D paint tools, making digital environment and projection work more efficient and final composited scenes more believable. The workflow allows compositing artists to address common challenges faced when using 3D projection techniques to build digital environments.

Concepts we will be covering in this sesssion:

  • Setting up the bridge between Nuke & Mari

  • Basic paint features of Mari for compositors that are not familiar with the product

  • Setting up a camera projection environment in Nuke for matte painters

  • Sending projection setups to Mari for paint fix work

  • Round trip back to Nuke for the final composite

Who Should Attend?

This class is ideal for any compositor looking at how to use MARI for projection and matte painting in combination with NUKE. We'll get you up and running in no time!

Presented By Deke Kincaid, Creative Specialist

Deke Kincaid is a Creative Specialist at the Foundry. He has worked in feature film and commercial production for 12 years. Originating from the east coast of the US, he lives in Los Angeles California and has worked at a wide variety of visual effects and creative studios including Motion Theory, Weta Digital, Rhythm & Hues, Method, Technicolor and Asylum VFX

The Details

Date & Time: September 8th, 1pm PST
Where: Online