Friday, May 20, 2011

Imagineer releases mocha v2.6

new release! version 2.6 for mocha, mocha Pro & mocha AE

improved Nuke support, faster tracking & stability improvements

New point release for all current mocha products:mocha v2.6 release

  • Nuke Roto Export Improvements: now supports a 1:1 keyframe relationship between mocha and Nuke 6.2 roto keyframes.

  • Tracking on Windows Speed Improvements: multiprocessing optimization on Windows operating systems result in faster tracking speeds.

  • New SSF Batch Export Feature: ability to export unlimited roto layers in popular Shake .SSF format

  • Improved After Effects tracking export

  • Project Save and Load Speed Improvements

  • General Stability & Bug fixes

· Upgrade is free to all customers with a valid mocha v2.x, mocha Pro, and mocha AE v2.5 license or support contract.