Thursday, April 28, 2011

Autodesk Maya 2012 Hot Fix 1




Maya 2012 Hotfix 1 includes enhancements to Python scripting with the new Maya Python API 2.0. This new API performs better and faster, offering programmers a more idiomatic experience of Python. The new Python API is similar in structure to the original Python API, making transition easy. To offer the most flexibility, programmers can use both Python APIs in code, respectively, to extend and customize Maya.

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In addition, Maya 2012 Hotfix 1 also includes an updated DMM™ (Digital Molecular Matter) plug-in for Maya from Pixelux Entertainment™ that lets you solve up to 2500 tetrahedrals. On Mac OSX and Linux systems, DMM now supports performance improving multithreading. The update also includes the following fixes:

  • DMM no longer stops unexpectedly on Linux systems.

  • The DMM shelf item no longer disappears after a Maya session is restored.

  • Issues with Passive Regions has been fixed on all platforms.

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