Wednesday, March 9, 2011

AJA Updates Io Express, Kona, and FS1!

New Firmware for Io Express Mac and Windows Platforms Adds Support for Avid Media Composer v5.5

AJA has released firmware updates for Io Express for the Mac and PC, adding support for Avid Media Composer v5.5.

Download v8.1.2 for Mac or v5.0.3 for Windows here.
Be sure to read the release notes included in the download for detailed release information


Updates to KONA and Io HD v8.1.2 for Mac

New features for each product include:
Io HD v8.1.2 fixes a problem where the video output choices for 25/29.97/30 psf were incorrectly displayed.

This version is compatible with Smoke for Mac 2011 for KONA 3G and KONA 3

Click here to download v8.1.2 for your KONA or Io HD. Be sure to read the release notes for more details.




AJA FS1 v2.2 Now Available

The FS1 v2.2 brings numerous improvements to the popular FS1 frame-sync, including:
Save and load individual preset configurations
New internal video and audio Test Signal Generator (TSG)
Freeze On Input Loss (FOIL) ensures the FS1 output is always stable even with unstable input signals

Download FS1 v2.2 here and read about more improvements in the release notes.

Purchase the Aja Io Express /HD, Kona 3G, Fs1 at the Motion Media Online Shop.