Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adobe® Premiere Pro® CS5 now offers GPU acceleration on laptops

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, version 5.0.3 is an update available worldwide on December 7, 2010.  This update to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 adds support for two new NVIDIA cards: the Quadro 4000 (Mac) and the Quadro 5000M (Windows). The addition of these new cards extends the power of the Mercury Playback Engine’s GPU acceleration to users working on laptops as well as workstations.

The 5.0.3 update also includes performance enhancements to further improve the experience of switching between Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and other applications, as well as other user interface, stability, and performance enhancements that make the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 editing workflow even more efficient and robust. For a full list of enhancements, check out Adobe Premiere Pro team’s blog post that highlights the 5.0.3 update