Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Autodesk Mudbox 2011 Service Pack 1

Autodesk has released Service Pack 1 for Mudbox 2011.

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Mudbox 2011 Service Pack 1 fixes the following issues:

General fixes

  • Edge Bleed option in Preferences > Paint now controls the edge bleed distance for map extraction

  • Error using Eyedropper to pick color on mesh with no UVs. Mudbox now creates UVs automatically.

  • Incorrect GPU RAM detection causing warnings to pop up. See Environment variables for updated information.

  • Brush resize down/up hotkeys not working on values larger than 100

  • Flatten to UV space using mesh with no UVs causes crash

  • Shift hotkey not working for temporary weight painting smooth

  • Painting using stencil crashes if stencil is 24bit/pixel .tga

  • Dry brush with stencil on not working correctly

  • Stencil image display: Full color now displays only when the Projection brush is active, black and white when other tools are selected.

  • Luminosity of the stencil affects opacity of the stencil display when Projection brush is selected

  • Flood function operates on all objects instead of active or selected objects

  • Depending on the shadow Depth Map Resolution and the size of the movie, shadows do not render correctly in turntable movies

FBX fixes

  • Instances cause import error

  • Camera FOV and camera names from 3ds Max not importing correctly

  • Crash on Mac OS X when importing malformed skeletons from 3ds Max

  • Textures display incorrectly in imported files with different paint layer sizes

Posing fixes

  • You can now delete skeletons from the Object List. Right-click and select Delete Object.

  • Weight painting on multiple objects is now possible

  • Weights not propagating properly on subdivision

  • Shadows and ambient occlusion display does not update when posing

  • Various interaction issues when selecting and posing joints

  • Imported n-sided or triangle meshes with bones cannot be posed when subdivided